Photo of the Week: A Non-medical Care Manager and his Service Dog

A photo of a Non-medical Care Manager and his service dog.Navy Safe Harbor Non-medical Care Manager, Navy Lt. Chet Frith, who supports enrollees at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, was diagnosed last year with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a year-long deployment to Iraq. He aquired a service dog, Gunner, in November, and his new companion has helped him venture out into public more regularly and interact with others more easily.

He said, “A lot of service members are not enrolled in Navy Safe Harbor, even though they should be. There still is a stigma associated with PTSD, and they don’t want people to know they have it. But PTSD is a beatable illness, and it will not end your career. If anything, it made me a stronger person.”

Above: Lt. Frith poses with his dog Gunner, who quickly became a member of his family. “I think my kids are as attached to him I am,” he said.

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