Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month.September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month across all military services. Being in the military can be stressful – both physically and mentally – which can put service members and their families at a higher risk for depression, and, ultimately, suicide.

Suicide is 100 percent preventable. The military has multiple programs readily available to enhance service members’ ability to effectively manage stress. Educate yourself about the behaviors and feelings that can be signs of suicide, including:

-          Seeking access to pills, weapons, or other means of harming him/herself

-          Talking or writing excessively about death, dying, or suicide

-          Unable to sleep or sleeping all the time

-          Withdrawing from friends, family, or society

-          Engaging in significant alcohol or drug use

-          Engaging in risky behavior, such as driving recklessly

Immediate assistance is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) (service members and veterans should choose option 1). Learn about treatment options and/or how to intervene.

Help is available. Learn more today.

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